Welcome to Romney Marsh Lodge No 4743

Welcome to the Romney Marsh Lodge No 4743 situated in the seaside village of Dymchurch on the ancient and mysterious  Romney Marsh in Kent, we own and occupy the old School house where  we hold our meetings and social events in a purpose designed and tastefully converted building with catering facilities to deliver for up to 100 guests, a lounge / bar area plus car parking for up to 30 cars.

Please look at the content of our site and contact us should you have any questions not only about our facilities but also Freemasonry in general, we would be only to pleased to answer  / discuss them with you.

Thank you for spending time looking at our site.

Tom Shoesmith in the story of “The Dymchurch Flit “ from Rudyard Kipling’s “ Puck of Pooke Hill “ said I heard say the world is devided like into Europe, Ashy, Afriky, Ameriky, Australy and Romney Marsh

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Women Freemasons have two separate Grand Lodges.

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