History 1975 – 2000

March 1975

£ 50:00 was raised from a raffle and sent to Lord Cornwallis P.G.M to celebrate his 50 years in Freemasonry.

September 1975

WBro George Warren and Mrs Ivy Warren presented the Lodge with handmade covers for the secretary table and Masters pedestal. These were in blue velvet with the Lodge badge and other designs in gold.

At a later date they presented the Mark Degree with the same, this time in red velvet.

October 1975

On the 22nd October 1975 The Lodge celebrated 50 years with the installation of WBro W.G.H. Piper.

WBro Lt/ Col Sir Douglas Igglesdon Dept P.G.M attended.

The festive board was held at the Hotel Imperial where everyone was presented with a 50year history of the Lodge written by WBro D.G. Harden.

At the Provincial meeting 1976 it was agreed that Charity stewards would be appointed in Lodges instead of Charity reps.

October 1976

At the Installation meeting WBro D.G. Harden became the first Charity Steward of the Lodge

At the April Lodge of Instruction the rent was abolished in appreciation of fund raising by the members towards the building fund and charities.

October 1977

400th meeting and 53rd Installation held at Windmill Street Hythe, this venue was used during building work at our lodge, thanks to Prince Edwin’s Lodge No 125 for their help at this time.

GP committees meeting during this time were held at WBro B Den Hertogs house with plenty of home made wine to help proceedings to go down well.

Our children were invited for the first time to the Castle Lodge Sandgate children’s party, this invitation was to go on for a number of years with many of our members helping with the entertainment.

March 1978

WBro Mark Letford died whilst in the chair, WBro Ken Quinney I.P.M completed the year.

A Masonic Club was formed at Dymchurch.

Meetings were resumed at Dymchurch for the April meeting after completion of building work.

May 1978

5 brethren from the Duke of Kent Benevolent Home at Chislehurst attended our Lodge meeting. They were accompanied by 5 Ladies who enjoyed a tour of the Romney Marsh . They were all entertained at the Grasshopper at New Romney, a donation and plenty of gifts were given to them and they all went away having enjoyed their day out.

July 1978

Members of the Lodge and their Ladies returned the compliment by visiting the Duke of Kent Home

November 1978

The first none Masonic function held in the Lodge was a wine and cheese party.

June 1979

A Demonstration of a Lodge night 1759 was held to raise funds for the 1980 Festival.

1979 was also the first time that Romney Marsh sent a candidate to the Valley of Elham Lodge, to be passed Bro. Peter Stretton being the Brother concerned.

April 1980

On a Saturday in April WBro W Leitch arranged a visit to Dungeness “B” Power station, for the members of the Lodge, in a way this was an exchange because so many construction workers had visited the Lodge over the previous 10 years.

October 1980

The Installation meeting saw the first meal in our own dinning room

December 1980

A presentation was made at the Christmas meeting 1980 to WBro D Planner and Bro J Temple in appreciation of their work towards our building extension.

March 1981

Bro. B Pearce joined the Lodge coming from Kwinana Lodge No 315 Western Australia Constitution, still a very active member to date.

At the GP meeting in March Past Masters in the Lodge were welcomed to join Past Masters of the Lodge for the first time.

Also in 1981 Lord Cornwallis resigned as P.G.M and John Andrew Porter became the new P.G.M.

Lord Cornwallis died in January 1982.

December 1981

500th meeting of the Lodge of Instruction WBro D Smith a member of the Lodge became Provincial Secretary.

September 1982

Bro P. Olver became caretaker of the Lodge following WBro G Warren and WBro J Clements.

October 1982

WBro W.A. Wotton A.P.G.M attended the installation meeting escorted by WBro W Finn Pro Deputy G.D.C ( A member of the Lodge )

November 1982

Bro. Mark Letford visited the Lodge following in the steps of his father and grand father both Past Masters of the Lodge.

December 1982

110 Brethren representing 16 Lodges attended this Christmas meeting

May 1983

Bro Harry Van Abshoven of the Lodge DE Entracht presented Bro J Lawrence with the working tool of a E.A Freemason at this meeting

WBro B Eengelken Master of the same Lodge delivered his own charge to the candidate both presentation were well received by the brethren present.

January 1984

Bro P Olver gave an explanation of the 1st tracing board at this meeting something he has done many times since.

June 1984

A Church service for Lodge members and their families was held in Dymchurch Parish Church with tea in the Lodge afterwards.

February 1985

WBro K Cross gave a lecture on the history of Freemasonry in Cyprus

April 1985

WBro B Rogers was appointed a Provincial Officer of East Kent whilst already being a Provincial Officer of West Kent.


Saw the appointment of WBro Finn to Past Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies he was the first member of Romney Marsh Lodge to receive Grand Honours.

May 1986

WBro B Rogers entertained us with a sing a long toast to the guests, this has now become a regular spot once a year.

January 1987

At this meeting only 4 brethren attended and the meeting was cancelled, the reason being we had some of the heaviest snowfalls in the area for many years.

March 1987

The Brethren stood in remembrance to those who died in the Zeebruge Ferry Disaster, £ 100.00 was donated to the disaster fund .

May 1987

WBro Roy Williams A.P.G.M visited the Lodge

December 1987

The first Carol service was held in the Lodge, This has now become an annual event with tea provided afterwards for members, families and friends. The Lodge is in debt to WBro G Cant guest Organist and Mrs Brenda Apps ( daughter of WBro G Warren ) for her vocal solos.

March 1989

The first of many lecture evenings started with the Wakefield of Hythe No 6059.

October 1989

WBro A Padgett became the first Master to be presented with a Masonic Bible from the Legacy of the late WBro John Wilmshurst ( Vicar of Lydd and Chaplain of the Lodge ) The legacy provides for each Past Master completing his year in the chair and any Past Master having served 25 years in the Lodge receiving a bible.

November 1989

WBro V Hutchens along with other Worshipful Masters of the Province met the Grand Master His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent at Canterbury.

February 1990

500th meeting of the Lodge WBro R Williams A.P.G.M attended the Lodge again for the Installation meeting 1990.

November 1990

A donation was sent to the Royal Marines at Deal following the dreadful bombing of the Deal baracks.


The Lodge did an exchange visit with Wellington Lodge of Rye.

April 1994

WBro C Foreman celebrated 50 years in Masonry

February 1996

WBro J Bonomy R.W. Provincial Grand Master attended the February meeting at which Bro K Warren ( son of WBro G Warren ) was initiated

April 1997.

WBro W.G.H. Piper appointed to Past Grand ST Bearer.

October 1997

WBro J.P. Daniall A.P.G.M attended the Installation meeting

January 1998

WBro P Olver “ caretaker, Barman and general handy man “ died, who together with his wife always provided a warm welcome to any visitor, and generous amounts of tea and biscuits.

May 1998

WBro Selby a joining member celebrated 50 years in Freemasonry.

October 1999

WBro W.G.H. Piper our Grand Lodge Officer was installed as W.M.

WBro A Burkill was elected Library and Museum representative an office he has held for 10 years.

March 2000

WBro M Bailey A.P.G.M. attended the initiation of Bro. Y Hudson by his father in law WBro W.G H. Piper.

WBro R Stevens Organist celebrated his golden wedding.

May 2000

A collection of £250.00 was raised for the Dutch firework disaster

Summer 2000

Car park finally has a tarmac hard surface


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