History 1944 – 1975

WBro C W Colmer held the office of Worshipful Master for two years from 1944 – 1946

At this time the lodge was renting a room at the Institute New Romney. The trustees served notice of termination as it was their intent to sell the premises. After consideration, the lodge turned down the offer to buy as the price was too high. Later Mrs Glessing the new owner offered a 3-year lease on the room at 25/- per week this was accepted

February 1948 saw the first initiation of a son ( Bro R V Colmer ) by a Father ( WBro C W Colmer ).

This has only happened twice, the other time being February 1966 when WBro C H Harden initiated Bro D G Harden.

In 1952 a committee was formed to look into the possibility of purchasing the outhouses at the Gables Country Club North Street New Romney for a new lodge room. It was discovered that the building was not for sale but a long lease and low rent was available. Arrangements were therefore made to lease the premises.

The last meeting held in the institute was in March 1952. The April meeting of that year being the 200th was held at the Masonic hall New Street New Romney with 68 present.

A very quiet period followed in the lodge history until 1961 with one exception. In February 1957 the lodge joined with Temple and Wakefield lodges in presenting Prince Edwins lodge No 125 with a solid Silver tankard on their 150th anniversary.

March 1961 saw the time a summons was entered in the minutes book.

October 1961 Bro Williamson was elected Tyler of the lodge, an office which had been vacant for a very long time. He still holds the same office.

March 1962 Bro C Colmer recited the charge to a Fellowcraft, the first time this had been heard in Romney Marsh.

November 1962, 50 gns was donated to the Royal Masonic Hospital extensions

March 1963 W Bro Rev R D de’Meredith Grand Lodge Officer became a joining member.

October 1963 the first and only record of a member’s son being admitted to the R.M.I.B. School. At the installation meeting 30 lodges were represented.

February 1965, 54 present at the 300th meeting.

In January 1966 a committee was appointed to consider acquirement of permanent premises. A progress report was given at the May meeting regarding the possible purchase of the old School Dymchurch. The mortgage was obtained and that with a donation from each member towards the repairs, it was agreed it would be a sound investment. A proposal was carried to purchase the same, this was concluded in November 1966.

The dedication of the Masonic Temple Dymchurch took place on the 10th October 1967 at 3.30 p.m. This was preceded by a luncheon at the Hotel Imperial Hythe.

The Ceremony was conducted by the Provincial Grand Master The Lord Cornwallis K.B.E. M.C Past Grand Warden and dedicating officer assisted by the officers of Provincial Grand Lodge.

The architects W Bro E.G. Boddy and Bro W Finn were presented to the P.G.M. and presented him with the plans of the completed structure. The Temple was dedicated to Freemasonry, Virtue and Benevolence. The ceremony was followed by the unveiling of a commemorative plaque.

The first meeting held in the new temple was the 1967 Installation meeting on the 19th October

January 1968, the charge of a freemason was read to the brethren by W Bro R D Meredith P A G Chaplain and Bro J J Wilmshurst, Prov A G Chaplain.

October 1969, the lodge suffered the loss of W Bro Marchant

December 1970 WBro Finn presented a silver Salver to Mrs Smithson of the Victoria Restaurant New Romney as a token of appreciation for the excellent services she and her late husband ( Bro Smithson ) had rendered over the years.

May 1971 W Bro R Harrison, house Governor of the Royal Masonic Hospital gave a short explanation of the workings of the hospital followed by a short film.

November 1971 W Bro H.J. Smith became an honorary member

At the May 1972 meeting a vote of thanks was recorded to, W Bro C H Harden and the lodge of instruction committee for their tremendous efforts in raising money at their social evenings, which among other things had paid for the new organ; the old organ having received another life in Snave church .

On the 10th December 1972 an informal afternoon carol service was held in the Temple, led by W Bro Wilmshurst, chaplain. This was well attended by the brethren and their ladies also by the family of the late W Bro Marchant, A plaque was unveiled on the new organ by Mrs Marchant in memory of her husband. Afterwards tea was held in the church rooms.

At the Christmas meeting 1972 £100.00 was raised for the Royal Masonic Hospital at the festive board. A number of the brethren and their wives visited the hospital on the 12th May 1973.

November 1973 W Bro Ball became an honorary member.

30th Aril 1974, W Bro C Jenner P M D C died. This was a great loss to the lodge.

October 1974 W Bro R L Flisher became the 50th master

February 1975 an explanation of the first tracing board was given by W Bro Finn, a masonic treat for young and old member alike.

The Romney Marsh lodge has now completed 50 years.

There has been no mention of money raised for festivals or appeals because it is considered a personal thing in the lodge.

History 1975 - 2000